Toilet Finder (BeTomorrow)

The largest database of toilets worldwide. Data on 150,000 locations gathered and maintained by an active global user-base.

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Le Figaro

“A very useful app”

France info

“The essential app of the day! I dreamt about it, they have done it!”

“The Toilet Finder app’s success in undisputable”

“Here is an essential application for tourists, parents and young children, everybody!”



Sometimes the best projects come from a simple idea. ToiletFinder was one such project – we noted that this simple (and sometimes urgent!) need existed and that a collaborative mobile application might be a great way to address it.


As might be expected from the name, ToiletFinder allows the user to find out, on any occasion and in a single glance, the location of the nearest public toilet.

As a collaborative application it enables users to both mark and read the location of toilets onto a world map, to upload photos, and to indicate other useful factors such as charges, cleanliness, other facilities available, unusual features, etc.

With more than 150,000 public toilets categorised, ToiletFinders is now is the largest database of toilets in the world and the reference application in this class for tourists and even residents. With an active global user base this database is continuously updated and improved.

ToiletFinder is now licenced to some of the largest mapping services in the world.

The application is available on iOS (iPhone and Apple Watch), Android and Windows Phone.