Rocketbird (BeTomorrow)

Casual game developed fully in-house. Achieved 10m downloads, 4.5 stars on the App Store and a peak MAU of 1.4m


After helping develop several successful games for third-parties, we decided to challenge ourselves to create our own game.

The game was to be developed for mobile and was to be casual in nature with appeal to the widest possible age-range so as to ensure a strong presence in the mobile app stores.


RocketBird was launched in 2010 as a game based on speed, avoiding obstacles and the need to recharge energy regularly. The game uses several novel smartphone features which were exciting at the time – in particular the iPhone accelerometer which is used for steering.

In 2012 we launched a successor, Fly Crazy which introduced new characters and stories.

Both RocketBird and FlyCrazy are available on iOS, Android and also on Facebook.

Both RocketBird and FlyCrazy received strong positive feedback from players and were a rapid success:

  • Rocketbird achieved a 4.5 star rating on the App Store
  • Total 10m downloads (peak 1.4m MAU)
  • Chosen by Facebook as a Beta Partner for the Facebook Credits test.