Mobile Device Management Solution

A fully-secure system allowing full remote management and monitoring of millions of devices all over the world.


We had a need for a solution that allowed for the remote management of thousands of connected mobile devices and their simultaneous updating, anywhere in the world.

We weren’t confident in the security or flexibility of systems available for purchase, so we decided to leverage our skills and experience in this area to develop our own.


At present (it’s always developing), the Mobile Device Management solution that we developed has the following features:

  • Can manage millions of devices all over the world via mobile network and WiFi
  • Has full control of the device including power up/down, restart, reboot, etc
  • Can deploy new content instantly to all connected devices
  • Can capture all user interactions, including via camera (facial recognition), sound and radio frequency
  • Real time monitoring with sophisticated statistical analysis and graphical output
  • Can communicate via email and/or SMS to link with operators (e.g. in case of problems, load forecasting, etc) or users (e.g. to increase engagement)
  • Can be integrated with the tablet Operating System at the time of manufacture, with immediate deployment out of the box
  • Can be applied to any type of connected device (mobiles, tables, TV, watches, etc)

BeTomorrow has also developed this entire solution in-house including server requirements for the management of the connected devices.

This MDM solution is in continuous use and is being continuously improved as part of several Agile projects.