Phoenix Analytics Solution (BeTomorrow)

Third-party analytics tools only go so far, so we developed our own to give ourselves and our clients a competitive advantage.


Data lies at the heart of everything we do at BeTomorrow. Given this, we decided to develop an analytics tool that goes beyond what is available on the open market, in order to give BeTomorrow and our clients extra insight and hence a competitive advantage in agile app development projects.


Phoenix, by BeTomorrow is a state-of-the-art analytics tool capable of managing millions of users and billions of events:

  • Offers a wide range of standard analysis including funnel and cohort analysis
  • Allows advanced and flexible user segmentation in line with multiple criteria
  • Enables smart behaviour-based ‘push’ prompts to segments of users to drive increased engagement, retention and monetisation
  • Fully-customisable and continuously improving as learnings integrated from project to project

We use Phoenix for internal and client work for its unique advantages:

  • Because we have full control of Phoenix we can fully adapt it to the specific needs of the project at hand
  • Phoenix typically provides for deeper integration – particularly with external client services
  • We can add specific feature or personalisation without being limited by the APIs and more generic approach of commercial solutions
  • When a feature is critical, Phoenix can offer a great competitive advantage in allowing us to move quickly and sometimes ahead of others

Phoenix also powers Blinkfeed, the personalised news application by News Republic. Blinkfeed won “Best Mobile Media and Publishing App” at Mobile World Congress 2015 with judges comments “genuinely a step forward in terms of curation, intuitive design and connecting editorial interests for consumers. A pleasure to use”.

At current levels, Phoenix handles 12bn data points (user interaction records) per year from Blinkfeed, which is installed on approximately 20m phones worldwide, including on the Home Screen of all HTC phones.