Live Skipper (BeTomorrow)

Free-to-play game that allows hundreds of thousands of sailors to compete against each other in real-time.


Following the success of Live Sailing in 2004 (our service which sailing event organisers use to track & visualise races for output to live TV, mobile, tablet, web), we saw an opportunity to create a new sailing game.

This game would focus on mirroring the major offshore/oceanic events which already have tens of millions of fans and would leverage our expertise in game development; the relationships we had established through Live Sailing; and a game patent that we owned (2007 – 2014) which gave BeTomorrow the exclusive right to mix real and virtual conditions in a game environment.


Live Skipper was launched in 2007. Live Skipper is a free-to-play (asynchronous) multiplayer game that allows hundreds of thousands of fans to compete against the racers in real-time over days, weeks, even months. Competitors are provided with the same meteorological information provided to the real racers (in particular, forecast strength and direction of wind) and have to make exactly the same strategic routing decisions.

In addition to making money for the organisers, Live Skipper has been shown to engage fans more deeply in the real race, because gamers are placed in competition with the real racers. As a result, Live Skipper has been chosen as the Official Race by the organisers of some of the biggest sailing events in the world – including the Route du Rhum, Barcelona World Race, Solitaire du Figaro, Transat AG2R, etc.

In November 2014, Live Skipper was the No. 1 Game on the French App Store.

Live Skipper is available on iPhone, iPad and on the web at