Libon (Orange)

A high-quality VOIP and messaging application developed in collaboration with Orange (a direct competitor to Skype and WhatsApp)

Giles Corbett, Libon Manager

“BeTomorrow is the perfect partner for our agile projects – not only because they are technically skilled but also for their know-how and for the the excellent working relationship we have with them. Together we have created the iPhone client for Libon, a truly revolutionary app.”

Giles Corbett, Libon ManagerOrange Vallée


Orange SA is a French multinational telecommunications corporation with its origins as France Telecom, the incumbent French telecoms business. Orange currently employs 170,000 people and has 230 million customers worldwide. In 2014, the group had revenue of €40 billion.

Over the past years, telecoms operators worldwide including Orange, have seen an erosion of telecom revenues by internet services such as VOIP and IP instant messaging. In response to this, Orange (via its innovation arm Orange Vallée) decided to develop its own innovative IP service applications.


Orange Vallée looked for a team of experienced developers, able to create a high-performance, modular product.

Being particularly attentive to the agility of the team that would carry out its project, Orange Vallée chose to put its confidence in BeTomorrow.


  • Today Libon is a direct competitor to Skype and WhatsApp, particularly in France.
  • Thanks to its use by millions of users, Libon is now a marketing tool used by Orange in winning new B2B clients.
  • The relationship originally established with Orange in 2002, continues to this day.
  • BeTomorrow currently develops the lead application (iOS) and Orange Vallée follows developing the Android application.

Libon is the result of a 100% agile collaboration between Orange Vallée and BeTomorrow. As part of this team BeTomorrow developed many of the intelligent messaging functions of Libon, in particular the voice-to-text functionality.

The team also worked on the development of VOIP technology and responded to other major technical challenges (Libon is a multi-client, multi-server and multi-protocol environment; involves integration with external services; has an entirely customised user interface, etc).

Libon is a comprehensive consumer application offering the following features:

  • Free high-quality VOIP calls to other Libon users all over the world
  • Low cost VOIP calls to landlines and mobiles all over the world
  • Translation of voice message into text and vice-versa
  • Personalised greetings for contacts