A breakthrough network of remotely managed and monitored tablets that entertain and reward shoppers while earning exceptional engagement for advertisers.


Ksubaka was still at a concept stage when we first started working with the founders in 2014.



Online is where brands communicate to drive e-commerce, Mobile is a direct link to m-commerce. That leaves in-store, where 15 trillion dollars are spent annually.

Ksubaka co-founder’s observation was that the physical world (in-store) had not benefited from the same levels of innovation as online or mobile. Together we set out to find a scalable way to entertain and reward shoppers in-store, while driving deep engagement with brands at the same time.

Results (so far)

We were the technical team for Ksubaka’s initial 18 months and developed the first generation solution to go to market from hardware selection and configuration; to installation of their own custom OS; to game design (20 games so far); to design, installation and operation of their proprietary remote device management and control software; and finally to the analytics platform at the back-end – with output to desktop and mobile. We have since worked hand in hand with Ksubaka as it developed its own technical team.

On 18th Feb 2016 Ksubaka announced a joint venture with Hong Kong’s Fullshare Holdings Ltd (US$4bn Market Cap) that includes a US$15.3 million investment in roll-out of its platform across mainland China. The stated aim is to distribute 20,000 kiosks (dubbed ‘playSpots’) in China by the end of 2016, with a focus on supermarket retail chains, cinemas and airports in tier-1 cities.

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