Drones for life

BeTomorrow is developing an autonomous drone system that will transport medical samples from hospitals to laboratories for urgent testing.


At the present time medical samples are transported from hospitals to specialist, centralised testing facilities by road. This is a frustratingly slow process, particularly when the samples are taken under emergency operating conditions and test results are urgently required. The aim of this project is to cut delivery and hence waiting time by up to 75% by using a completely autonomous drone based system. If this goal is achieved, then this project will certainly save lives.

BeTomorrow is leading the consortium undertaking this project.

The consortium includes:

  • Abbott Labs, one of the largest medical laboratories in the world;
  • DGAC, the French Civil Aviation Authority;
  • Flash Global, the global logistics company; and
  • Sysveo, a drone hardware company
  • The consortium’s objective is to bring together the various parties’  drone, mechanical, electronic, IT and legislative skills and assets to overcome the technical and regulatory constraints required to enable transport of packages by drone in an urban setting.

    Results (so far)

    • The Drones for Life prototype solution was demonstrated to VIPs during the 22nd Intelligent Transport World Congress in October 2015.
    • Approvals have already been received from DGAC for 12 flights over Bordeaux in summer 2016.